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The Matrix Online
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News and Announcements  
News and Announcements
The News and Announcements forum is where you'll find all service-related information and statements from The Matrix Online Team.
524 591 Announcement Regarding S...

06/08/2009 17:10:10
Broadcast Depth
The Broadcast Depth forum is where team members can make posts about specific topics for players to respond to.
276 17477 Thank you

05/29/2009 19:44:39
Live Events
The Live Events forum is where The Matrix Online Team can post information on happenings within the game and players can respond.
726 23867 Unidentified broadcast -...

06/06/2009 09:50:51
Forum Guidelines

5 6 Signature & Avatar Polic...

08/29/2008 10:01:46
Support Forums (4 Boards)  
Development Discussion  
Update Notes
The Update Notes forum is for posting information about updates to the live game.
47 84 Anniversary 2009 Update ...

03/19/2009 10:00:15
Update Discussion
The Update Discussion forum is where players can talk about game updates in threads created for each update.
47 4736 Anniversary 2009 Update ...

06/04/2009 14:15:09
Development Roundtable
The Development Roundtable forum is where players can ask questions about ongoing development and post their own ideas for the game.
2089 30329 The Matrix Offline

06/08/2009 15:50:25
Feedback Forums (6 Boards)  
General Discussion
The General Discussion forum is where players can talk about anything related to The Matrix Online game and player community.
10186 190949 August 1st

06/09/2009 08:20:00
Community News
Community and fansite news
125 3618 Operative Profile – Jedi...

06/06/2009 09:48:01
Residual Self-Image
The Residual Self-Image forum is where players can post screenshots, talk about creating graphic signatures for the forums, and chat about other graphic-related topics.
3877 74060 Proof of paranormal acti...

06/09/2009 06:05:32
Redpill Rescue
The Redpill Rescue forum is a place for new players to ask questions and look for help from more experienced players.
2458 17834 [FIXED] Launcher says "N...

06/07/2009 14:51:31
Player Events
The Player Events forum is where players can post information about upcoming in-game events they are hosting.
756 6628 the assassin

06/06/2009 08:38:09
World Forums  
Vector - Hostile (5 Boards)  
Recursion (5 Boards)  
Syntax (5 Boards)  
Gameplay Discussion  
Missions and Storyline
The Missions and Storyline forum is for discussing aspects of the missions and the in-game storyline.
973 13710 Bluepill ID card?

06/09/2009 01:41:11
Character Development
The Character Development forum is for discussion of ways to improve your characters as they grow in power.
199 2100 Fastest time to 50

06/09/2009 05:57:52
Districts, Neighborhoods, and Constructs
The Districts, Neighborhoods, and Constructs forum is for discussion of the various locations within the game world.
104 1219 City Points of Interest

06/03/2009 01:35:11
Player Versus Player
The Player Versus Player forum is for discussions of PvP combat and tactics. Even though we're talking PvP here, keep it friendly folks.
84 2362 CQ Leaderboard - Server ...

06/09/2009 01:42:15
Abilities and Disciplines  
Dojo - Operative Discussion

170 1882 Some general gunman and ...

06/08/2009 05:52:17
Command Line - Hacker Discussion

56 635 To all Hax0rz - Show us ...

06/07/2009 22:07:52
Loading Construct - Coder Discussion

64 510 Make people use coder mo...

05/11/2009 03:52:09
Desert of the Real  
SOE Discussion
The SOE Discussion forum is for discussions about SOE products and programs.
230 4489 Fan Faire Returns to Las...

06/09/2009 03:42:32
Guides and FAQ's
The Oracle has shown that the Guides and FAQ section is here for those Redpills who seek insight and enlightenment.
101 1606 Starting Traits and Attr...

05/07/2009 21:13:06
The Lounge  
Off-Topic Discussion
The Off-Topic Discussion forum is for discussions not directly related to The Matrix Online. The Rules of Conduct still apply and will be enforced.
3640 56339 R.I.P. Antonio Puerta

06/09/2009 08:08:43
Matrix Universe
The Matrix Universe forum is where players can discuss the world described through the Matrix franchise.
504 7580 We're in Capital City no...

06/09/2009 02:47:23
Next Renaissance
The Next Renaissance forum is for roleplaying and storytelling based upon the world of the Matrix.
475 5007 Finnal Log/Help Save The...

06/09/2009 08:14:49
Forum Games
This board is for the many official forum games that are played out here on the MxO boards.
34 6387 What Are You Listening T...

06/08/2009 18:05:17
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